Arctic Innovation Camp

It was a great opportunity to attend the recent Arctic Innovation Camp held from 17th to 19th November at the University of Lapland. There were working groups to address challenges that are peculiar to Northern Sparsely Populated Areas (NSPA). By engaging several stakeholders from different backgrounds and disciplines to solve these challenges will yield new insights.  This is an important issue for now and the nearest future,

The design of Rise and Innovation Strategies (RIS3) as a crucial step for future development and investment is aimed at transforming the society. The idea of businesses, technology and competence centres, universities and public agencies, science and business parks, business angels and venture capitalists, civil society, etc.  in an entrepreneurial process will foster the strategy.

I was lucky enough to participate in the working group 2 on Northernmost rural communities –nurturing the “truffles” for the entrepreneurial discovery. We brainstormed on the ways to encourage the right attitude and how best to support rural communities such that they will be a proud place to live and make a living. It was emphasized that decreasing the capital leakage from the communities in terms of energy consumption and food will help to maintain a thriving countryside. We seek after the real potential and implement the smart utilisation of the available assets in these communities. As a result of this, it will provide new breeding ground for emerging industries, such as processes for circular economy and other fields of the bio-economy.


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