Conference at Brunel University London, School of Law

On 29 May 2015, Brunel University London, School of Law, in collaboration with the Brunel Human Rights Centre and the URC Human rights, Security and the Media, has organized a conference on the theme “Culture on the Move: Migration, Living traditions and Cultural Heritage”. The conference addressed a number of issues in terms of protection of cultural heritage in the context of migration from a multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach. Dr. Kamrul Hossain has been invited to the conference to give a talk on the complex dynamics of the right to culture of indigenous peoples with special reference to Sámi living in (or moving to) the urban regions. The number of questions he addressed in the talk are: How can the Sámi right to culture be designed within the framework of human rights in the urban settings? Where does the right to culture of the urban Sámi lie in response to traditionally endorsed rights connected to the indigenous peoples in general, where cultural right is argued to be, inter alia, nature-based practices, and connected to traditional lands on which they live? Do the urban Sámi form different groups while in city than those of them living in their homeland? If they are different, how they are different and how their Sámi identity interacts with that of the Sámi living in their traditional lands?

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