Dr. Kamrul Hossain talks at Ainu-Sámi joint seminar in Sapporo!

On 11 December 2016, Prof. Kamrul Hossain has given a talk as part of Sámi-Ainu Joint seminar at the L-Plaza meeting room in Sapporo, Japan. The title of the talk was: Indigenous peoples and enhancement of capacity building for the promotion of human security. In his talk, Prof. Hossain highlighted the need for developing alternative approach from the indigenous peoples themselves to promote a better understanding concerning issues that affect them. While the indigenous peoples in all across the world vary in terms of practicing of culture, language and religion, but they all share common understanding with respect to living in harmony with nature – the harmony, which is now threatened due to diverse range of human activities endorsed by the dominant groups in the respective countries in which they live. The talk concluded with an interesting dialogue amongst the participants raising a number of questions and comments.