HuSArctic researcher Gerald Zojer participated in this year's Calotte Academy

The Calotte Academy is an annual traveling symposium and international forum in Europe’s North Calotte region, designed to promote interdisciplinary discourse and the interplay between senior and young researchers and to foster academic and policy-oriented dialogue among members of the research community and post-graduate students as well as a wide range of other northern stakeholders. It is a “school of dialogue” and participatory by nature with an idea to share knowledge and experiences with communities. On the other hand, it is an interdisciplinary brainstorming meeting to bring researchers and other experts from different fields, regions and countries together for to discover innovations and new methods and to inspire international research projects as well as plans and applications.


For this year's academy the sessions where hosted in Rovaniemi, Salla, Inari (all Finland), Apatity, Murmansk (both Russian Federation), and Kirkenes (Norway). The overarching theme of the 2015 academy was Resources and Security in the Globalized Arctic. The participants discussed issues around northern resource and energy security, international cooperation in the Arctic, human and social capital, environmental management, as well as regional and sustainable development.In addition to the indoors sessions, the participants also visited some sites of interest, such as for example war memorials or the mining town Nikel. The HuSArctic project was represented by Gerald Zojer, who gave his talk on Arctic environmental governance as a venue for socio-economic power struggles.


Reports of past Calotte Academies can be found online from the Northern Research Forum.

See also Gerald Zojer’s blog post from the Calotte Academy.

  • Participants discussing in front of war memorial
  • Participants making photos of smelter in Nikel
  • Participants on the bus ride
  • Gerald Zojer giving talk in Auditorium of the Sami Parlimanet building in Inari