HuSArctic is well-represented both at the 9th Polar Law Symposium (Akureyri) and the Arctic Circle Assembly 2016 (Reykjavik)!

Dr. Kamrul Hossain – the lead of the Academy of Finland funded HuSArctic research project – has led his team composed of researchers Anna Petrétei and Gerald Zojer to the 9th Polar Law Symposium held at Akureyri from 5-6 October 2016, and to the Arctic Circle Assembly held at Reykjavik from 7-9 October 2016. The team presented two academic scientific papers – one at the Polar Law Symposium, and the other at the Arctic Circle Assembly at its breakout session. The first paper, presented by Dr. Kamrul Hossain and Ms. Anna Petrétei, entitled – Resource development and Sámi rights in the Sápmi region: integrating human rights impacts assessment in license granting process – explained the utility of integrating collective components of human rights as they are relevant in the context of indigenous Sámi people in order to argue for the promotion of the standards to be applied to the process of resource extractions. The second paper - Arctic governance under the influence of a global fossil-industrial way of life - by Gerald Zojer, explored the paradox of the Arctic governance, which on one hand is perceived as problems because of the paths undertaken for development, and on the other hand defined as threats to the region’s ecosystems and inhabitants. Therefore, the paper argued that the development agenda in Arctic governance needs a significant change in order to allow for an ecologically democratic development of the region.

  • Dr. Kamrul Hossain, Gerald Zojer, and Anna Petrétei
  • Dr. Kamrul Hossain and Anna Petrétei during their presentation
  • Gerald Zojer during his presentation